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Emi's Music Studio

Based in Denver, Colorado

Private Piano Lessons

Welcoming all Beginner to Intermediate level students of all ages

Teaching young students from trusted music methods

Dedicated to teaching music for more than 30 years

About Emi's Music Studio

Emi's Music Studio is based in Denver, Colorado. Emi is bilingual (English and Japanese) and proudly offers both in-person and online private piano lessons to beginner to intermediate level students. Emi specializes in teaching early childhood or those 2 to 8 years of age but encourages students of all ages!

Student Testimonials

I have been taking piano lessons for three whole years now. Within those three years, I have learned to play many songs from various genres such as Jazz, Blues, Classical, Folk, and even Disney songs. Learning piano from Ms. Emi allows me to experience and learn about many songs from different cultures, and even the history of the genres. Additionally, Ms. Emi teaches chord progressions that can be used for many instruments other than the piano. In fact, I was able to play the ukulele without having to take a lesson because chord progressions were used on the scores for the song I wanted  to play. I absolutely appreciate the opportunity to be able to learn how to play the piano!

My 8 year-old daughter has been taking lessons from Emi for 4 years.  Emi has a very special touch to connect with each of her students.  She is professional yet full of fun, and she knows how to motivate my daughter to practice.  Hanna had no prior piano experiences, and now she can read notes and play with articulations while having fun. I highly recommend Emi's Music Studio.

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